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This video is on YAWL Teams, a component of the YAWL organisational model. Teams in YAWL allow you to select participants for workitem allocation. We show how to create a team in the YAWL Control Centre.

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Can you, as a normal participant, in a YAWL workflow case, manually pick the person who will execute the next work item? The answer is yes - if you are the boss. Hi, my name is Andreas Hense and I do videos on business process automation. This video is part of a series of videos on the business process management system YAWL. Today I'll show you how to create a team in YAWL. The next tutorial will be about delegating work items to members of a team. In this video, I'll do two things: first I'll show you the structure of the team and then I'll show you how to create it in the control center. So, let's first look at the structure of the team. The team is the approving team and there are three participants in the team. The first one is Ron, second one is Rosa and the third one is Ray. All of them alSo, have the role Approver and then Ron is the boss. So, Rosa reportsTo and Ray reportsTo. That's the structure. Okay, now we are in the control center and I'll show you how to set up the team. Here we have the roles and the Approver role has three members: Rosa Main, Ray Reese and Ron Roddenberry as we have said before and we alSo, need to look at the org groups. So, the first thing what we need to create is the Approving team. This has been done already here and by the way you can find the file to upload in the YAWL system in the supplementary material. There's a link in the description below and you can see here that the group type of the approving team is in effect Team and it doesn't belong to any other team and that's all and then we have the positions and we need the positions to form the hierarchy in the team. So, we have three positions Approver 1, Approver 2, and the Approver boss and if you look at the Approver 1 you can see that the Approver 1 reports to the Approver boss. Approver 2 as well and the Approver boss doesn't report to anyone. So, this is for the structure. Subscribe to this channel if you want to see what comes next.