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This video is on delegation of work items in the YAWL Business Process Management System. It was motivated by a question of Hector. When you are the leader of a team - or an organisational unit in general - you can delegate a work item that is allocated to you to a member of your team. In this video I'll do two things:

1) prepare the workflow specification for allowing delegation
2) show a running case using delegation

You can find the files you need with this example in the attached zip file.


Can you as a normal participant in the your workflow case manually pick the person who will execute the next work item? The answer is yes - but you need to be the boss. Hi, my name is Andreas Hense and I do videos on business process automation. This video is part of a series on your tutorials. Today I'll show you how to delegate work items to members of a team. If you want to know how to create a team, check out the previous tutorial. In this video, I will show you two things: first, prepare the workflow specification for allowing delegation and second, show a running case that uses delegation. In the description below is a link to the files you need with this example. Okay, first we start with our control center and the YAWL editor. So, we have a workflow where there is a submit leave request by someone and then the leave request needs to be approved and in order to allow delegation, we need to do something to the specification. So, if we open the Approve Leave Request task and go to resourcing here, we get that the Approver role is offered this work item and what we have to do in order to offer it only to the boss is that we need to specify in the org structure that position equals Approver boss. So, that means in the first place the boss gets this work item. What we alSo, have to do is in the task privileges. We have to check "allow work item delegation". The other privileges don't need to be checked but "allow work item delegation needs to be checked here. So, this is all we have to do in our specification. And then we have three browsers open here. The top one is the boss of our approver team and the left hand side is Rosa Main and on the right hand side is Ray Reese and each of them has their work queues. So, we see that Approve Leave Request currently is offered to Ron Roddenberry, the boss, and we can accept the offer here and then it's allocated and because we have the privilege and has been configured in the specification, we can delegate this work item now. We can delegate it to Rosa Main or Ray Reese. The two that are in our team and if we look at the work queues again, here you can see that they are still empty. So, I will offer this to Ray Reese who is here on the right hand side delegated to Ray Reese and if we now check here, we can see that the work item is here and not here and then we can start it and go on with our case. Can you use this in practice? Let me know in the comments!