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This video is a Introduction to the tutorial series on Liferay Portal. The series shows some specific settings we have found useful when working with Liferay as a container for a Business Process Management System. It also addresses questions about the integration of a BPMS into Liferay. Liferay can be downloaded here:


Welcome to this new series on the enterprise portal Liferay. My name is Andreas Hense and I've been doing tutorials on business process automation on this channel and also on the business process management system YAWL. In one of my tutorials on business process automation, I mentioned that it's a good idea to combine the business process management system YAWL into the enterprise portal Liferay and there have been some requests by viewers that I should do a series on Liferay and the integration into YAWL. So, this is my first go at it. I will not do a complete systematic series on how to use Liferay. There is excellent material on the web and especially also on Youtube on this topic and I encourage you to follow that material first. I will rather concentrate on some specific things that we needed all of the time and also some settings that were hidden in these huge Liferay menus that sometimes have a depth of nine or ten and it's sometimes very hard to find things and I'm happy to share these things. While you may call me an expert for YAWL, I'm definitely not an expert for Liferay. I'm just a user who is integrating other software into it and I only have looked at a certain part of Liferay. I will also not cover more in-depth questions on software development. This is a completely different area. So, I will mostly talk about integration and configuration of the system. If you are interested, subscribe to this channel, stay tuned and see you in the next videos.