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This video shows how to start and stop Liferay Portal 7 under Windows 10 and gives a brief insight into the logs.


Okay, some very easy steps. I'll show you how to start and stop the Liferay server in the windows operating system. So, you can see that I have a browser window open which is currently not showing anything and I have a command prompt and the command prompt is currently in the bin directory of my Liferay installation. So, it says c liferay portal tomcat bin and all we have to do is call the file startup.bat and then this will open another window with the title tomcat and in there we can see the log going on as the server is starting up. So, this may take some time and I'll fast forward to the next interesting point and when the server starts up it will finally launch a new browser tab. Currently we are already logged in with the test user So, everything is okay. That's fine and we can now stop the server again. So, I go to my command prompt and say shutdown. And now this will stop the Liferay server and the window is gone. The Server is stopped. If we try to do something here on this page, normally it says yes the site can't be reached. So, it's definitely stopped. That's all for now!