In this tutorial we show in three steps how to work with codelets in YAWL. We first create a codelet, install it and then invoke it from a YAWL workflow. We assume that you are familiar with editing and running workflows in YAWL.

Create Codelet

In the attached zip file you can find a codelet In order to compile it you need the YAWL library jars from here:…

Unzip and put yawl-lib-4.1.jar in your Java project. Also put jdom2-2.0.5.jar in your Java project (both jars are also in the zip file).

Compile the

Install Codelet

Put RandomNumberCodelet.class  in /opt/codelets/codelet - you can choose any other directory here. Open file


and change the following parameter accordingly:


Run Codelet

Start the YAWL engine and load codeletInvocation.yawl into the YAWL editor. Run the workflow and see if a random number is displayed in the third task. (2.48 MB)