Resetting YAWL may be useful, if you want to delete all users from the resource service at once. Also if you've been hit by a bug inside YAWL that may be related to a specification you've uploaded recently. As YAWL stores everything inside the connected database, resetting YAWL just means to restore the initial database. If you've configured YAWL to work with another database than the file based Derby database (Default with YAWL4Study), you should simply delete the contents of your database. If you are using the default Derby database do the following:

  1. Stop YAWL
  2. Remove the file "/engine/apache-tomcat-7.0.55/databases/yawldb.h2.db" (Warning: You will lose all data inside YAWL)
  3. Start YAWL



For YAWL versions prior to 2.3.5

  1. Stop YAWL
  2. Remove the directory "/engine/databases/yawldb" (Warning: You will lose all data inside YAWL)
  3. Copy the directory "/misc/yawldb" to "/engine/databases/yawldb"
  4. Start YAWL

In my Version there is no 'databases/yawldb' and also no '/misc/yawldb'.
Even deleting the whole DB-folder does not lead to success.
Is there another way then reinstalling?