A new YAC version has been in development with the following main features:

  • Basic form validation on form completion
  • XML schema validation via YAWL engine
  • New Sync bar at the top of most activities for easier synchronization
  • Synchronization process has been restructured for the most part, so network processes are in their own thread
    • This is required for compatibility with newer android versions
    • because of this, there are still problems with new versions on sync and it might be unstable
  • It is possible to define a variable in the options, that will be added as an identifier in the list of work items


The Zxing Barcode Scanner version 4.4 has been tested with YAC:



Known Issues:

 - Some extended attributes are not validated or handled:

  • Whitespace
  • Skip validation
  • Hide
  • Many visual attributes, like pictures lines etc.

- When tested with android 4.1.2 YAC crashed on work item completion,  because the EditWorkItemActivity is started again after completion

- A complete Sync will be done after actions any action in the work queue, even thout only the effected work item should be synchronized

- There are some camera issues with devices, that have more than one camera

- Simple element with the attributes minOccurs and maxOccures are not displayed correctly, but complex elements are

- Complex elements have no labeles in forms

- When pressing the Sync button severeal times fast enough, errors occur or workitems are doubled

- Completing work items from the work item map does not work properly and they have to be completed in the work queue

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