The first stable YAWL Editor 3.0 (alpha) is now available:

The editor has a number of new features, including:
- reworked interface with always available properties window
- faster loading and saving
- upload and download specifications directly between engine and editor
- drag and drop to open a specification
- faster analysis and validation
- simplified validation messages
- new, simpler data perspective
- easy multiple instance query definitions
- colour-coded data definition and XQuery editors (with partial auto-completion)
- new repository that supports storing and reuse of nets, decompositions, data definitions and extended attributes
- a consolidated preferences dialog
- new, simpler resource perspective
- and many more enhancements

The new editorI can strongly recommend the new editor: a tremendous improvement and a great piece of software! After a  first look, here is what I like most:

  • Multiple instance tasks without having to edit any splitter queries.
  • Everything is available in the properties window. This makes it much easier to understand the structure of a specification.
  • The direct upload, unload start facility: saves a lot of mouseclicks during development.
  • The idea of the repository to save components.


  • Where is the repository stored and what is the best way to migrate it from project to project?