Perfomance of YAWL 2.1 and 2.3 compared
YAWL 2.1 has some serious performance issues : we have been using the YAWL engine V2.1 in a scenario of about 25 users accessing the system simultaneously. We had to restart the engine several times. After some analysis we found out that this was due to a problem in the YAWL engine. This problem has been fixed. For all who use YAWL 2.1 we recommend to upgrade to YAWL 2.3.


Thu, 05/16/2013 - 14:01

(Sorry for the late answer) That depends on the highly on the setting. I'm not aware of performance test results for YAWL, but I would guess that you would not consider the count of users, but the response time for a certain number of concurrent accesses.

Also it could be a big difference when the Workflow uses codelets or YAWL services instead of user tasks. It would be interesting to see what overhead is caused by YAWL itself and what is due to external factors.

As you can see here somebody is looking into that at the moment.