The Symposium took place on 7th of June 2013

at the Business Campus Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in Sankt Augustin

If there is a video of a talk there is a link in the speakers column.

  Title Speakers/Authors/Chairs
KEYNOTE YAWL: Past, Present, and Future Arthur ter Hofstede
  Using YAWL in a Business Undergraduate Course on Process Management: An Experience Report Joerg Evermann, Mary Furey and Terry Hussey
  Developing a Realistic Workflow Management Environment for Teaching: An Interface from YAWL to OpenERP Joerg Evermann
  Adapting a Generic Data Synchronisation Framework for YAWL to Access Clinical Information Systems at the Task Level Holger Meyer, Sebastian Schick, Jan-Christian Kuhr and Andreas Heuer
  YAWL4Industry: Reflections on using YAWL for Industry Projects Moe Wynn, Chun Ouyang and Michael Adams
SESSION YAWL Development Michael Adams
  Supporting the Workflow Management System Development Process with YAWL Ronny Mans and Wil Van Der Aalst
  YAWL in the Cloud Dennis Schunselaar, Tim van der Avoort, Eric Verbeek and Wil Van Der Aalst
  Process Monitoring Using Sensors in YAWL Raffaele Conforti, Marcello La Rosa and Giancarlo Fortino
SESSION YAWL User Interface Jan Mendling
  Editor 3.0: Redesigning the YAWL User Interface Michael Adams
  Web-based Editor for YAWL Felix Mannhardt
  Usability Extensions for the Worklet Service Michael Adams



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