To access work items managed by the YAWL engine, YAC uses the work queue gateway. The work queue gateway is an interface offered by the resource service and therefore adds the resource dimension to workflows, which is used by YAC as well. Data is sent by xml over http and the forms generated by YAC are built from these informations. With YAC accessing and editing YAWL’s work items should easily be possible by using android-based devices wherever you are. Location Information stored in workflows can be used to show work items on a map and calculate the distance from your current location.


Using the work queue gateway, YAC can offer most of the resource service‘s workflow related operations and provides a GUI similar to the YAWL resource service. Work items available for the current user will be displayed in their respective tabs and can be started directly by selecting them. A longer tap will show additional operations.


The forms are created dynamically from task data and use the common android input elements. YAC currently supports several data types including:

  •   Strings
  •   numerical values
  •   booleans
  •   restricted lists
  •   dates
  •   the possibility to include pictures and signatures





Additionally, you can define keys that store information for longitude and latitude to display work items on the work item map. The work item map uses google maps and therefore it is possible to zoom in and out, and pan the map. All available work items are displayed as pins on the map. Selecting work items on the map allows you to start them directly. Furthermore it is possible to start other services that can navigate you to that location.


Another visual presentation of the work items is the work item list. This is a sorted list of the currently available work-items, where work items are grouped together depending on the distance from the current location. On the top of the list the closest work item is displayed with additional information, e.g. task name, status and approximate distance.

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