Hello for all,
I create an YAWL model and upload to server, that's all ok.
But, I need to convert an yawl specification model (YAWL file) to Petri Net file (pnml).
In this conversion, I need to convert from start, joins, splits into Petri net for use this model to simulation in another system.
Please, if someone used this conversion and could share the knowledge to do this conversion. How do this?


Thu, 11/19/2020 - 00:59

Hi ahense, thanks for your reply.
I tried from apromore, but don't have this functionality.
Its possible only upload: bpmn, csv, mxml, mxml.gz, xes, xes.gz, zip (attached)
I'm searching one way to convert a yawl specification (.yawl) to petri net (.pnml) for input in my simulation model.
If have another tool to make this, please let me know.

Hello Jair,

sorry to hear that this feature does not work anymore in Apromore.

There is another great tool that works with PNML called WoPeD. There had been plans to implement a YAWL import functionality there. I just talked to the WoPeD developers today and we said that we would like to see this implemented. This may take a while and does certainly not help you now. But WoPeD with its simulation capability and log export to CSV for process mining is really useful on its own.