YAWL Android Client Menu

Marcel Sponer has developed a prototype YAWL client for the android platform (YAC) in his master's thesis. It allows you to access your work items, wherever you have a connection. It contains additional features that use the advantages of mobile devices.YAC allows you to:

  • Use Longitude and Latitiude information in your workflows to diplay them on a map...
  • ...and lets you navigate to them form your current location
  • Order your work by distance to your current location
  • Scan QR-Codes to automatically fill forms
  • Search your current work items for certain words and display them
  • Add pictures taken with your camera to a work item
  • Add signatures to your work item
  • Edit your work items, even if no continuous connection is maintained and synchronise them, if a connection exists

As you can see YAC offers many unique features and we are excited to release it soon. Currently we are working on adding additional features to the prototype and do some bug fixing. As a base for development we use Android 2.2 API 8. Development is taking place at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University.