Do you know a way to improve YAWL?

supported features of YAWL v4.3.1

IN the last version of community edition YAWL :

1-processes can be exported to image or just supported BPMN format , and processes can be imported to XML or just supported BPMN format?
2-does support defining dashboard and charts?
3-is there any calendar in this tool or need connector to use external one?
4-does supports integration with the MS Sharepoint and MS outlook?
5-is this version provided with ready-to-modify template processes.?

if you can help me answer these questions , thank you!

Label position in Editor


i have a sugestion for the YAWL Editor 3.0. In every task of an specification i can choose the position of my split or join-type. The labels of the tasks are still under the box and there is no way to change the position above, left, right. It would be nice that i have the choice where the position of the label is.


Start cases by participants without admin privileges

It would be very useful to add the possibility to start workflows for participants who do not have admin privileges from the control center. A prerequisite for this would be finer-grained 'Manage Cases' privileges as described here:…

This feature would allow using YAWL without having to write special pages to start workflows.

Better Enterprise Setup/Installation Documentation

I find the setup and configuration information more than sparse.
I am implementing a pilot project at Arizona State University to see if YAWL will work in production. However, as great as the tool seems it only seems to be academic at this point. Most documentation refers to Windows, and also refers to Yawl4Study - which clearly implies that this is academic in nature.

I cannot get the Enterprise system to operate, and the documentation seems Microsoft'ish - reinstall.

Email notification

Currently users in YAWL do not have a field for their email addresses. Therefore it is not possible to write a codelet that could send emails to users for work item notifications.

The sendmail service could be used for this task, but an additional database containing the email addresses of user would be required to send mails to the user.

Ideally such a feature would be implemented in the resource service and configurable to send emails to users on offer, allocate or start events for new work items.

Drop down list of users

When working with YAWL, I found that it would be advantageous to have a drop down list of users in a task. The list would be used to assign the next work item to the selected user. I know it is possible to assign task via the resource service, but the resource service only complicates things for users. Hence we use the gadgetfeeder to display available work items for users without showing the rest of the resource service for them altogether.

Proposal for date validation improvement

Currently, if some input is invalid in the generated custom forms, YAWL will give you an error like this:

In fact for dates the validation is different. From our experience with people unfamiliar with YAWL the way date validation errors are displayed are rather subtle. Especially if you had previous validation errors in other fields or if you have a long list of fields to fill out:

Use additional XSD attributes for dynamic form generation

I've recently been in a project, that is using YAWL to capture workflows and make them executable via YAWL's dynamic form generation. YAWL was very useful to build a prototype of the system. We had to capture an comparative large amount data that is always redisplayed (and edited) throughout the whole workflow. We used XML Schema to define different structured data types. These data types were very useful as we need to save/load from/to a database.