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Custom service deploy trouble


I'm a beginner in YAWL, and I've started to test a simple Custom service to a further YAWL work integration with JADEX. To accomplish this, i've followed the tutorial in the YAWL technical manual at chapter 3. My custom service and project structure can be visualized here: https://github.com/Shothogun/YAWL-JADEX-CustomService-

Yawl to Petri Nets

Hello for all,
I create an YAWL model and upload to server, that's all ok.
But, I need to convert an yawl specification model (YAWL file) to Petri Net file (pnml).
In this conversion, I need to convert from start, joins, splits into Petri net for use this model to simulation in another system.
Please, if someone used this conversion and could share the knowledge to do this conversion. How do this?

YAWL Service consumer from other languages?

Hi all,
I would like to know if it is possible to consume service from other programming languages into YAWL, python for example?
What is the format of requests for example on interfaceB from the address http: // localhost: 8080/yawl/ib return the method: getAllRunningCases ()?
Has anyone implemented services in other languages? Is the service WSDL or http? This seems confusing, as in the Manual there is an indication to do with WSDL, however in Java language it is done through direct http.
If you can help me clarify these doubts, thank you!

How to get a resource user from current state of Workflow?

I need to get a resource participant with started an task in workflow. I can get the taskname, the status of task, the timestamp of start task.
I try to use the method getCompleteCaseLog(<caseid>,<handle>);
However I don't have sucess and the method return:
DefaultWorklist by originator of the started task.
Wich method its possible make this?
i'll be grateful for the help!

Get both completed and uncompleted multi-instance workitems

I need to display workitem data for both completed and queued multi-instance workitems.
But exportCaseState only includes queued workitems, and doesn't update the parent data until all instances are complete. I must go to log data to find current state of completed multi-instance items. Am I missing something about how to get state of completed multi-instance items before they are all completed and merged to parent?

Creating YAWL control flows programmatically

is it possible to create YAWL control flows programmatically using the API? are there any samples or guides for that? because I am unable to get started on this.
I want to create the workflows directly using Java instead of the editor because I am planning to convert numerous workflows into YAWL.
Your assistance is appreciated

What should I run when I want to debug in YAWL API

Hi, I want to change something in YAWL API.
However, when I try to run the API, I don't know which main function should I choose so that I can get same result as I run controlpanel and resource service. When I run YControlPanel class, there is a nullPointException Error like this.
Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.NullPointerException
at org.yawlfoundation.yawl.controlpanel.components.ComponentsPane.enableButton(ComponentsPane.java:139)