Now you can try out the YAWL Android Client. Attached to this article is a zip file containing the apk to install the YAWL Android Client on Andoid devices with API level of at least 8. The YAWL Android Client is licensed under GPL v3 and is free to use.
A server is already pre-configured for easy access and testing. Just install the apk, start YAC, choose Synchronize in the main menu and then hit the synchronize with the server to load the example work items. Then you can display them by distance or on the map. You can see how work items are handled by YAC and complete them.

Be aware that this is not the final version of YAC and still contains bugs so it comes with no warranty. The code is avalable at

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Thu, 05/16/2013 - 20:52

Something was wrong with the synchronize between the YAC and YAWL engine, I wonder if the Client App Account and the Client App Password of the Client App Credentials are "YAC" and "YACpassword" in the Preferences part.
How can I solve the problem if the Synchronize part always appear the alert "Sync Incomplete! java.lang.NullpointerException at ...etc?

Look forward to your reply! Thank you!