Use YAWL in 5 Steps

  • Prerequisite:
  • Download the most recent YAWL(currently v4.2) suiting your operating system at  GitHub.
    • YAWL is ready out of the box, so that's the edition to choose for evaluation purpose.
    • YAWL Enterprise should be used in a production enviroment, but needs more configuration and contains no additional features.
  • Install YAWL using the guided installer (Windows), during the installation you will be asked your Java installation path.
    • Afterwards there should be a folder "YAWL vX.X.XX" in your program menu (Windows).
  • Start the YAWL Engine and the YAWL Editor.
    • On Windows you may need to adapt your firewall settings.
    • As YAWL is now running on Port 8080 on your local machine.
  • Examine for example the "/misc/examples/SimpleMakeTripProcess.yawl" specification in the YAWL editor
  • Now point your browser to the url "http://localhost:8080/resourceService/" and login using the credentials "admin / YAWL"
    • Congratulations! Your YAWL system is running.
    • If you would like to evaluate some of it's features, please head on to the next tutorial "Run a sample workflow"
  • If there are any issues, please consult the YAWL manual chapter 2 for more information.


Sat, 03/21/2015 - 23:47

I am trying to install YAWL 3.0 (Mac OSX Maverick). I receive the message:
- Please stop the running YAWL engine (or nay Tomcat instance).
I am not aware having any engine running. This message puzzle me. How can I get thru the install?