YAWL under CentOS

After installing YAWL under CentOS we found out that opening work items would not work. To fix this we had to install an additional font:

yum install dejavu-serif-fonts


Extracting YAWL Log Entries for Process Mining

YAWL can create process logs in XES format by simply selecting a specification in the control panel and clicking on "download log".

Unfortunately, the log that is exported there does not contain the log predicates that can be entered in YAWL specifications. These logs can only be extracted using the YAWL API. There is now a Java Command Line Program that extracts these log attributes.


YAWL generated process log analyzed with Disco

In the context of our university project, “Process Mining” at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-
,  we  are  executing  processes  with  YAWL  and  using  Disco  to  analyze  the
process logs. Please read the whole article here YAWL generated process log analyzed with Disco.
In  this  article  we  are  describing,  how  we  analyzed  a  compact  YAWL  generated

Perfomance issues in YAWL 2.1 : UPGRADE to YAWL 2.3!

YAWL 2.1 has some serious performance issues : we have been using the YAWL engine V2.1 in a scenario of about 25 users accessing the system simultaneously. We had to restart the engine several times. After some analysis we found out that this was due to a problem in the YAWL engine. This problem has been fixed. For all who use YAWL 2.1 we recommend to upgrade to YAWL 2.3.

Free Agents and YAWL

Here is an example for the application of YAWL workflow engine, that might be a bit more unusual.

Free Agents is a cooperative team based augmented reality location based game, that is played both online and in reality. The goal is to complete missions through communication and cooperation. While the team leader, responsible for the distribution of tasks, is located at an online terminal, other players only need mobile devices to participate.