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Data variables button


since a few days I can´t push the button with the three points from "Data Variables" in the net and the tasks. If I push them, nothing happens and the YAWL Editor freezes. The other buttons and dropdown menus work fine. I have the problem with two computers and a new installation didn´t help.

I have the following system:

YAWL Version 4.2 (build 760)
Windows 10 Version 1803 (Build 17134.829)

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YAWL 4 Codelet


There is no tutorial on how to import custom-made codelets into YAWL 4. It has changed a lot since version 2, and I honestly don't understand how to do that, since I'm a beginner at YAWL and any workflow problems for that matter.

Is there anyone who can tell/show me how to import codelets to YAWL 4? I need some tutorial like YAWL4 for dummies :)

Thanks a lot!


Problem by uploading an expanded specification with the editor

In the first step I build a simple specification in the YAWL editor 4.1 (build 727). This simple specification consists of the atomic task called "In" and the other atomic task called "check". The net data variables called "FirstName" type "string" and scope "local". For every atomic task an own decomposition was created. The decomposition variable of the first task called "In" was named "FirstName", type "string" and scope "output". The decomposition variable of the second task called "check" was named "FirstName", type "string" and scope "input".

MI Task


i've the following following Problem. I have created an Multiple Instance Task with the ressourcing to a net variable which allocate by "tround robin" to a role. 

The first workitem is getting to a participant but the other one passed to the administrator. The specification is attached. To Start the specification you have to create four users which contains the role Ausschussmitglieder BWL.

The Log entries are the following:

Cancellation Region


i attached a Specification which contains a cancellation region. At first we fill in something in task a. Next the tasks b and d are available, but after you do something at b and check that out. Task "d" normally has to cancel but it's still there. Am i doing something wrong there?


I hope somebody can help quickly :)

Editor data gateway xquery

I'm trying to import task input data from an external DB. The procedure is well explained in the Tutorial and User Manual. But when i have to specify the XQuery for the data binding, the editor found a syintax prolbem and do not allow to save the specification (see attached image).
I've tried to modify the YAWL file directly from a text editor , modifing the argument of tag expresion (under startingMAppings) with the same Xquery and the binding was successful at run time.
I found same problem using yawl editor 3 4.0 and 4.1 on Windows 10.