In a previous tutorial we showed how to use the repository of YAWL 3.0 for extended attributes. We now want to use the complete workflow of that tutorial in a new workflow as a subnet. We use the repository functionality for that.

The first thing we do is to load the workflow attached to the previous tutorial into the editor and use the net menu to store it in the repository. We also store the datatype definition in the repository.

Then we close the specification and create a new one. We first load the datatype definition from the repository.

In the new specification we load the previous specification from the repository and rename the resulting new subnet "Check post".

Now we go to the root net and connect the subnet to the composite task - the label may have to be adapted.

We proceed by defining a net variable fName:string and by defining postDesc and avail for receiving values from the subnet "Check post". We open the data variable dialog for the composite task and get this:

We change the decomposition variables postDesc and avail to scope output.

We define task Register with fName as output variable and tasks Note rejection and Note acceptance with fName and postDesc as input variables.


Testing the workflow shows that the mappings in the subnet are broken.


Two questions remain to be answered. Where is the repository stored? How can I save my repository?

The repository is here ../YAWL-3.0/editor/repository. There are a number of XML files with descriptive names. These files can be saved for future use and can be restored. A good idea seems to be to create one repository for each project.