In this section we present projects, that have used YAWL. If you are using YAWL for some project, please let us know and we will include it in this list.





External Service Authorization (ESA) is a G2G process at Portugese public universities. The process regulates how members of a department participate in conferences and workshops outside of Portugal. YAWL has been used during the software requirements phase and the process executin phase. More on this in an article by Belo et al.

Personnel Management

A Software Application Supporting the management of personnel in EU CSDP Missions and Operations. More on this in this Factsheet.


Clinical Workflows


Perikles is a research initiative by GECKO mbH and its partners. In this project YAWL is used in a clinical environment for its BPM capabilities. See the article.

Formalising Clinical Workflows


In the EHR Science Blog Jerome Carter, who is a medical doctor active in the field of informatics, formalises clinical workflows using YAWL. The challenge is to assist healthcare professionals in their individual processes that sometimes have very little structure.




OPALE is using YAWL with worklets and exlets as a resilient workflow solution for Grid-Computing.


Teaching Projects


Modeling  Business Processes


In the course "Modeling and Implementing Business Processes" from Joerg Evermann (MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND) the students use YAWL. See the article.

Augmented reality

Ross Brown et al. did cooperative team based augmented reality location based game with YAWL. See the article to learn more.

Business Process Management YAWL is being taught at Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University oAS by Andreas Hense as part of a course on Process Modeling for 3rd semester bachelor students in Business Information Systems and as part of a course on Business Process Management for 2nd semester master students in Computer Science.
Business Process Automation

From 2013 - 2015, YAWL was taught as the main topic of the subject Business Process Automation in Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), China. It was delivered to a class of about 70 second year undergraduates every summer semester (August/September). The delivery of the subject cover both the theory teaching in classroom as well as the practical with the YAWL system in computer lab. The students developed example processes using YAWL as part of the assessment requirements. Prof Arthur ter Hofstede and Dr Chun Ouyang were invited to teach the subject.