I find the setup and configuration information more than sparse.
I am implementing a pilot project at Arizona State University to see if YAWL will work in production. However, as great as the tool seems it only seems to be academic at this point. Most documentation refers to Windows, and also refers to Yawl4Study - which clearly implies that this is academic in nature.

I cannot get the Enterprise system to operate, and the documentation seems Microsoft'ish - reinstall.

If indeed, YAWL is meant to go into full production then I would like to see the focus on this instead of Yawl4Study.

Just my two cents - and I know documentation is the last thing anybody wants to do.
If I find my problem I am creating my own Enterprise Install and Maintenance documentation that I would be will to share.



I am pleased to hear that you are evaluating YAWL for production use.

In fact you have got a very good point there: we have been using YAWL for several projects. Most of the time, we used YAWL4Study and configured the parts that we wanted to change afterwards. For example, if you want to use a real database instead of the file-based one, you can do that by simply changing some configuration files (how to do that is explained here ).  Or if you want to include an external organisational data source, look here .

We have used it on both Microsoft and Linux OS.

From what I understand, there is very little difference between YAWL4Study and YAWL4Enterprise (@Michael Adams: please correct me if I'm wrong). My suggestion would be to reconsider the way things are packaged and named for future releases.

Please let me know if you have made any progress. And if you want to are willing to write a how-to, I would like to include that in the tutorial section.


Thank you for the reply:

I am having great difficulty in getting Yawl4Enterprise working.
I have the server running - that is Tomcat and the YAWL Core and Optional Services loaded and apparently running through TomCat. However all i get is errors when I try to login to the resourceServices. I have tried unloading and loading YAWL to no avail. Very Very frustrating with no documentation on how to reinitialize the database other than re-install, or how to verify etc. Assumes a lot of knowledge of TomCat, Java and other items which is fine to a point.

I need a server, a robust server, as I will potentially have over 700+ users on this system.

I am looking at ripping apart the source code and creating a re-initialise system for the database.

Anyway, frustrated at this point - I have a go/no-go decision point this coming Wednesday and hope to have it functional at that point for the decision.

YAWL is running in numerous production settings. Agreed the installer names may give the wrong idea of robustness, and we will be addressing that soon.

If you would like to post or email me (yawl.michael AT gmail.com) some detail of the problems you are having I'm sure we can get things resolved. Tomcat logs would be good.

Thank you for the reply. We are going through the logs, and server status to see where the issue may lie. Thank you for the offer. Hopefully it is something simple that we can rectify. So far our tests with Yawl4Study are positive and I am very hopeful we can put this into production use for our college and eventually roll it out through the University as desired.
- Thanks, sorry for my frustration.