Hello Y'awl.

I've spent the last few days evaulating YAWL. I've watched all the YAWL videos (good work!), trawled through the user manual, skimmed the technical manual, and built a range of models testing most of the features I would need, but I'm left with a few questions I hope somebody might be able to help me with.

Particularly when it comes to data presentation, I will need to provide far more advanced UX for users to compare data-sets : slicing/dicing/filtering/sorting/graphing...

Would somebody be kind enough to help me orient myself : what might be the most appropriate strategies to gain full control over the HTML+JS output by YAWL for a specific task?

Many thanks!

If you want full control CSS is not enough. You could use a feature of YAWL called custom forms. There is an example of this in the order fulfillment workflow that comes with the YAWL distribution. Probably even better is to write your own UI using the YAWL API.