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Where do YAWL Users come from?

A problem with open source software is that you never know exactly how many installations are out there. Our site is still in its beginning and the absolute number of users is not overwhelming. But you have to account for the fact that YAWL is not a software for the end-user but a tool for process automation.

The first question is, where do YAWL users come from? You may find an answer to that question here. It contains the distribution of visits to the site in 2013. All graphics come from our Piwik statistics.

YAWL IRC Discussion area

I have created a #yawl channel on irc freenode.
I hope I have created the channel correctly and anybody can hope in.

Looking for some live YAWL chatting. I'm on Mountain time (GMT -7) from the States.
I know a lot of you are in Australia so maybe somebody can take it during those daylight hours.

- Rick

Rick Gould
IT Director
College of Public Programs
Arizona State University

Suggestions for the tutorial


I would like to see a concise tutorial on how to create a very basic workflow (with, say two tasks) with the focus on the population an transferring of variables. The YAWL User Manual and other information on this topic are horribly long and complicated and I find the way variables work in YAWL not intuitive.


PS: Not sure whether this is an expectation I have from the user group or a suggestion. Feel free to move the thread.

What do you expect from the YAWL User Group?

While creating this user group, we were thinking about our duties and your expectations of a YAWL User Group. We would like to assemble as much YAWL knowledge as possible in our Tutorials section, periodically publish articles about interesting topic related to YAWL and serve as a collaboration platform to our users.

So please share your expectations of the YAWL User Group and especially of this website