New YAC version

A new YAC version has been in development with the following main features:

Workflows for testing the YAWL Android Client

The YAWL Android Client has had several people, that added functionality and fixed bugs. I created three workflows that helped me find the flaws and bugs in the different YAC versions, which I am going to describe here. SInce those workflows were mainly used for debugging and had to be completed often, they run in a loop and repeat themselves as the standard control flow.

Test data types

The first workflow was created to test different data types in YAWL and how they are displayed:

YAC’s offline capabilities and resulting problems

YAC, being a mobile application, needs to connect to the YAWL engine. Since one cannot rely on having a constant internet or network connection, YAC can work in an offline or asynchronous mode. While this feature is necessary, it also causes problems when considering the way YAWL works. Problems considering the offline mode will be presented in this article. A discussion is most welcome!

Introducing the YAWL Android Client (YAC)

In this article I want to present the YAWL Android Client (YAC) in more detail. First a short introduction about how YAC connects to the YAWL Engine and after that YAC’s features will be thoroughly explained.

A YAWL Android Client

A prototype YAWL client for the android platform has been developed as a part of a master thesis. It allows you to access your work items, wherever you have a connection. It contains additional features that use the advantages of mobile devices. Read the full article for a list of interesting features.