hi, i would ask if there is a standard representation of yawl models using xml? i need to import a yawl model (built in another tool) into the yawl tool .

YAWL uses a YAWL specific XML format for storing its workflow specificatins as .yawl files. You can use APROMORE (https://apromore.org/) to translate BPMN or other formats into the YAWL XML format and then load the results into the editor.

There is a rudimentary YAWL editor in Signavio. If you want to try it you will have to register for an academic licence and use the tool here:


Signavio allows you to export a YAWL speicification. Unfortunately the format is not compatible with the YAWL XML format.

thank you very much for your response. can you give me a paper (a link or anything else) showing (and explaining) the yawl xml format so i could serializing my specific graphical yawl model in that YAWL specific XML format, and consequently i could upload it into the tool APROMORE for analysis.
best regards.