This example uses shell execution and is written for a Linux operating system. The YAWL workflow is here: TimerAutomatedDelay.yawl

We want to build a simple workflow that uses a delay for automated tasks as it is described in the YAWL User Manual. We create a new net that uses the shell execution codelet to create files in a temporary directory. The path to the temporary directory is stored in a net variable named tmpDir. In our case the path is /tmp/.


We create the Delay 10 task with tmpDir as input variable. Then we go to task decomposition and mark the task as automated. We select the ShellExecution Codelet. Note that after this step the variables command and result are automatically inserted into the task. We now populate the task variable command with
        touch {/TimerAutomatedDelay/tmpDir/text()}/Delay10.

Next we set the task timer. According to the YAWL User Manual we can express 10 seconds like this: PT10S.

We set up the tasks Delay 20 and Delay 30 in an analogous way.

Go to the /tmp directory. After starting this workflow you should see files called Delay10, Delay20 and Delay30 appear after 10, 20, and 30 seconds.


(Notice: This tutorial is based on  YAWL version 2.2.x)