A common problem is the coordination of several parties. We want to give a number of participants the chance to comment on something but we do not want to wait indefinitely.
YAWL timer tasks can help here.

For the following workflow, we will be using the same ybkp file as here. The YAWL file is here.

Someone submits a claim and several specialists comment on it before a decision is prepared. The specialists only have a limited time to comment.

We start a new net with string type net variables claim, healthComment, houseComment, and lifeComment. We add a boolean type net variable accept. The task Submit claim takes claim as input and output variable and is offered to the role claimer. The task Comment on health has the claim as input variable and  healthComment as output variable. It is offerd to the health specialist. It times out two minutes after enablement (PT2M).

The other two commenting tasks are similar.

The task Decide takes the claim and the comments as input and accept as input and output variable. This task is offered to the role allocator.


Sun, 12/08/2013 - 14:45


I have a problem with the "Submit claim" task,  I can offer only one submit claim task to one specialist and not to all three. And so I can't reach the task "Decide" .


I hope somebody can help me.

Kai Schildt