Custom service deploy trouble


I'm a beginner in YAWL, and I've started to test a simple Custom service to a further YAWL work integration with JADEX. To accomplish this, i've followed the tutorial in the YAWL technical manual at chapter 3. My custom service and project structure can be visualized here:

YAWL Service consumer from other languages?

Hi all,
I would like to know if it is possible to consume service from other programming languages into YAWL, python for example?
What is the format of requests for example on interfaceB from the address http: // localhost: 8080/yawl/ib return the method: getAllRunningCases ()?
Has anyone implemented services in other languages? Is the service WSDL or http? This seems confusing, as in the Manual there is an indication to do with WSDL, however in Java language it is done through direct http.
If you can help me clarify these doubts, thank you!

Sample Custom Service just like launch case sample in advanced track tutorial

Hi friends,

i have been struggling with creating a custom service. It would be a great help if any would share code of a custom service example implemented as in technical manual. or just a sample in advanced track in tutorial. Help me friends.

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