I need to generate the workflow current state from YAWL.
In YAWL 4.3 version, I don't found this option to export the current state of workflow and use this resource to input into CPN Tools and run a simulation.
Its possible use this functionality? How its made?


Michael Adams

Thu, 03/05/2020 - 03:34

You can get the state of a case through the YAWL engine’s API, specifically InterfaceB_EnvironmentBasedClient#getCaseState – you have to call it once for each case running in the engine. It returns an XML document of the full state of the case.

See the YAWL javadoc at https://yawlfoundation.github.io/javadoc/index.html for more info, and see the technical manual https://yawlfoundation.github.io/assets/files/YAWLTechnicalManual4.pdf for how to use the YAWL API.