How to get a resource user from current state of Workflow?

I need to get a resource participant with started an task in workflow. I can get the taskname, the status of task, the timestamp of start task.
I try to use the method getCompleteCaseLog(<caseid>,<handle>);
However I don't have sucess and the method return:
DefaultWorklist by originator of the started task.
Wich method its possible make this?
i'll be grateful for the help!

Integrating and Using YAWL in Liferay Portal

In the context of my final thesis, I examined how YAWL can be integrated and used in the Liferay Portal environment, i.e., how portal users can access their respective workqueue and workitems from within the portal. To achieve this goal, I developed a sample application based on a very common business process, the check-in of new employees. The most parts of the developed integration and implementation components are generic, e.g., the workqueue portlet can be used with any YAWL engine and for any YAWL participant reachable via network or internet.


WoPeD is an open source Workflow Petri Net Designer. It is developed at the Cooperative State University Karlsruhe under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). WoPeD can be used for modelling, simulating and analyzing workflow process and resource descriptions using Workflow Nets, which are an extended class of Petri Nets introduced by Wil van der Aalst. Offering an easy to use graphical interface, it's main purpose lies in research and teaching.


PERIKLES is a research initiative by Gecko GmbH and its partners with the goal to add Business Process Management technology to core value adding clinical processes. For this purpose YAWL was used to add Workflow functionality and enhanced with scheduling functionalities, data integration capabilities, context-awareness,  and auto identification sensor technology.

The Project has resulted in a clinically deployed prototype, that has been used in a german partner hospital.

The following picture shows a surgical process, which is supported by YAWL's workflow capabilities: