Here is an example for the application of YAWL workflow engine, that might be a bit more unusual.

Free Agents is a cooperative team based augmented reality location based game, that is played both online and in reality. The goal is to complete missions through communication and cooperation. While the team leader, responsible for the distribution of tasks, is located at an online terminal, other players only need mobile devices to participate.

Although most of the game is custom build, YAWL is used to create the scenario and responsible for the control flow of the game. Ross Brown et al. wrote in their paper, that game systems for online games like World of Warcraft are similar to Workflow Management Systems (WMS) in large enterprises and even managed to integrate YAWL into the popular game Half-Life 2. The reason for letting YAWL handle the logic are among others the scalability of the WMS, support for concurrency of multiple cases and asynchronous Work Item processing .

It is proven that WMS can be used to handle control flow and logic in games, so can we expect to see more games supported by YAWL in the future?